Traveller Board Game Review (GDW) plus Snapshot

Traveller Overview Part 2 - Judges Guild adventures.

In part 2 we delve into the "judges guild" adventures where Traveller comes to life! These books contain scenarios, maps and pictures to fire up your imagination.

From a games writing, novel writing point of view they represent excellent start points for your own work.

Snapshot. Combat aboard a spaceship.

Now Snapshot is a self contained board game set in the Traveller Universe and running with a very similar subset of the rules. It's great fun and quick to play. You get to experience spaceship combat, set in the far future.

Snapshot was an all in one game loosely based on the famous Games Designer Workshop (GDW) series - Traveller. See a picture of the items in the series

In snapshot you get to play an adventurer, the police, the military or indeed space animals caught in a skirmish aboard a Traders Space Ship.

The idea of the game is that by either playing as a team (a multi player game), or one on one but with multiple characters under your control, you must destroy the enemy.

Indeed you could also play capture the flag or other scenarios, the game is just a framework for enacting this type of combat.

In the tradition of role play games of that era (late 70s, early 80s), each character is rolled for and takes on certain characteristics (strengths / weaknesses), the rest is up to you.

This video will go through the rules (not every single little exception), but enough for you to get playing. You will need your own copy or pdf of the rule book.

A Snapshot (GDW) Tournament!

16 players from around the world compete in a do or die experience. This tournament is a scenario I've dreamed up using Squad leader boards and Snapshot counters.

I will be using official Snapshot rules, and cutting them down to work for a youtube game.

This is a team game, 4 teams and 4 players per team. More details to follow but for now I am asking players to comment on this video and give their time-zone (UTC format) so that I can organise players into teams.

I provide a backdrop to the series, a storyline from which to base decisions upon. I outline the scoring in the game.

Essentially it's a game of survival. You are hunting for food. Danger lurks everywhere.

From now on then I include selected sample videos from the series so that you can get a feel for the game. If you want to watch the whole show it starts here

I introduce the map board and how to move the characters. I touch on the combat rules. More to follow on combat next time.

The rules of this scenario stick as closely as I can to the original snapshot rules, but in a simplified format and with the added intrigue of what the adventurers will find in the settlement that called for a mayday.

The Tournament starts! Round 1 is a quiet affair as both players and viewers alike adjust to life in 2170 AD.

The teams move off their starting positions. Some are more coordinated than others.

....Round 12 and teams 1 and 2 lock horns in an apparent fight to the death, or at least until they take a few lumps out of each other.

HEALTH WARNING - some players exit the tournament.


What do you think? Please leave a comment on any of the videos. Thanks. Steve