Totopoly Strategy Guide Continued with Horse Bid Variant

In part 2 I complete my look into the training phase of the game. I look into some of the ambiguities in the game, for example the colour cards for the horses.

Next we turn the board over and I go into the set up for this phase of the game. There is also the betting that occurs before the race begins. This is where a lot of people get confused.

I cover the betting rules in detail, along with the nominated horse rule. This is another one which people generally get confused or ignore. Again I go into detail to make it all clear.

Apart from the fact that the video chops off before I complete the betting section. lol. Don't worry it completes in part 3.

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In part 3 I conclude my explanation of the betting in Totopoly. Then I talk about the dice used in the race, including how to start the race. In the official rules the roll to determine who starts is used. This makes owning a black horse not so powerful as you can get boxed in.

Then I explain the race board and what the colours mean. What you can do on each square that you land on and other race features such as lane changing (another underplayed or misunderstood rule). I discuss the random events of the game (board) and give a brief strategy guide as to how best to navigate the board. I also cover how to finish the race.

In part 4 I discuss the end of the race. How to manage the final payouts for the race, including the betting. Some people play the simple way to end the game (person who wins the race, wins the game), or the more sophisticated ending which is he who has the most amount of money wins.

I now discuss a winning strategy for Totopoly, which includes taking a black or red horse, getting it out of trouble (on the race board), plus owning three horses. Plus crazy things that can happen in the race, and how to minimise the risk.

Horse Bid Variant

Totopoly, can be brought to life as a strategy / gambling game via this horse bid variant.

In this three part video I describe the rules of this Totopoly variant. For the basic rules of the game please refer to an older video of mine on the game.

This game does away with the first half of the game and gets straight to the race. Each player gets £700 per race (as usual) and the winner is the person with the most amount of money at the end of the evening.

Note that after each round the players score is the amount of money they have (from cash in hand, race winnings and gambling winnings). Put this score on a scoreboard and reset each players amount of money to £700 again.

Each round the horses are assigned white cards and color (advantage) cards by dice rolls (see video for the assignments), then players bid on the horses.

As usual it costs £25 per horse to enter the race. We also add £100 to the gambling prize pot per player in the game - so if its a 6 player game then the pot is £600 + what ever people bet. Then run the race as usual.

In part 2 I take the player through rolling for the horses, and talk about the bidding. It is advantageous to have 3 horses, I explain why. I also talk about bidding tactics.

In part 3 I roundup with some thoughts on the tactics and strategy of the game, and I go into depth into the betting aspect - including how to act as a bookmaker and the tactics of gambling.

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