Historygamer. Testimonials Page continued.

Theodor Bertilsson - Historygamer.com is an awesome community for people who really enjoy strategy games and board games. The creator is as good as they come :D

Greg Maynard - Historygamer.com has been a highlight of my boardgaming experience, even after my own decades in the field. His creativity (in creating new multiplayer variants), fairness (in running those variants online) and above all else sense of fun have made participating in his online games a tremendously enjoyable experience that I never want to end, and his website is a great place to see so much of that.

John M McGuinness - The best site for learning strategic historical board games. I use it for myself and in my high school history classes to help students understand the mechanisms of Diplomacy - it teaches them much better than I could - and i have been playing Diplomacy since the 1970s.

Håkan Rosenberg - I stumbled upon this channel while doing research for some games I was looking into. That was several years ago and I keep coming back to participate in some truly amazing online board gaming experiences with players from all over the world. It's truly amazing how games can bring people together and this is one of my favorite places to interact with fellow board gamers.

Jake Dickson - History Gamer is where I first learned how to play Diplomacy. I regularly send new players to his videos for an easy introduction. Highly recommend!

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