Risk Game Strategy Guide. A winning strategy for the bitter Endgame.

There is probably no easy way of winning until a mistake is made. In the meantime if you are the player that has the numerical advantage (in terms of reinforcements) then you can afford to sit there, because over time that advantage will magnify and then eventually you'll have enough to gain territory and hold it.

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That's the key point (Sun Tzu all over again - dont go to war unless you think you can win and all that), if you invest troops to win a country you need to make sure not only will you win it but hold it.



However the bulk of the series is about "playing the man", as this will lead to an advantage assuming that noone is a fool here, and the forces are approximately even. I do go into some technical detail about how to win as well later in the series.

I introduce some humour along the way. (Made me laugh anyway). Hope you enjoy the series.

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