Monopoly Strategy Guide

Let's talk about row 1 (the browns and light blues). Building here is a great way of hoarding houses and denying your opponents.

I now talk about the other rows, highlighting weaknesses in the board (the browns and greens for example). I talk about the Dark Blues - a favorite amongst weaker players. However I would argue under certain circumstances they can be a very useful investment.

Then I give away what I think is a great idea. When to trade.

In part 3 I start by talking about exploiting other peoples weaknesses, examples given.

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However if you are playing locally with the same set of players, and if you are successful eventually you might find that trading becomes harder. It's a good idea amongst strangers to play nice. You want to be the guy that they want to trade with.

Buy just about everything at the start. You need trading capital. Perhaps leave out the utilities (depends on how many properties you have).

Remembering the chance / community chest card packs and what is left in the pack will give you an advantage as the pack runs to the end of it's first pass, but remembering the overall good/bad split of the packs will help you throughout the game (and is easier to remember).

More ideas in the video.

In part 4 I start by talking about mass trading. Then I confess that in a game of equal (and decent standard) the edge that you can achieve is almost non-existent - apart from timing.

I then go onto playing a game to your strengths, and conclude with unfair game strategies.

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