Monopoly - Con Man Variant

I wrote Con Man Monopoly as a challenge to find a way of playing this great game without dice rolls. In the end I settled on bidding for cards over time as a way of feeding cards into the game, and using the dice to move around the population who of course can stay and 'rent' your properties.

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That's the essence of the game, but I share it in more detail in the videos.

The system works really well with a decent number of players, this is because the competition for property (any property!) is high meaning any loans taken out can become cripling.

Yes there are loans in this variant of Monopoly. Each player starts with no money at all, so it really is a test of bidding and trading prowess over lucky dice rolls.

Of course the dice do play a part, but using knowledge of dice probability, trades and aquisitions can be timed for when the population are in town.

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