Monopoly 2 Dice Probabilities

When accessing dice probabilities, the important thing to bear in mind is that these outcomes WILL occur 45% of the time over the long term.

Of course short term anything can happen, but repeat the same situation over and over and the 45% percentage will occur.

So how does this help when it comes to Monopoly? Well you can plan ahead with (some) security that your game pawn (or indeed an opponents) will land in the 6,7,8 hotspot about half the time.

In other words, you can appear to the others to be a 'lucky' player when in fact you are just using statistics to your advantage. Excellent!

To state it clearly then, arranging to complete your set and building on it when a number of players are within that 6-8 range next turn will dramatically increase the chances of instant success.

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In fact, two dice probabilities mapped out as a graph will form a bell curve, there 6-8 is the bell head at the top, 4-5 and 9-10 form a drop off in terms of probability and 2-3, 11-12 represent the very unlikely end of the bell-end.

The video shows the graph and explains it much better than words can.

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