Masterpiece Board Game. How to Play

You are given a generous amount of money at the start of the game with which to purchase art whether that be in open auction, directly from the bank or private auction.

Once you have paintings only you will know how much a painting is worth (or perhaps other players who owned it in the past) and youll want to sell your painting back to the bank a face value if its above the average worth, or try to get other players to buy if off you if its below average worth.

The game ends when all the paintings have been bought from the bank.

Incidently the art cards in the game represent the following paintings:-
A Young Woman standing at a Virginal, Johannes Vermeer
Aix: Paysage Rocheux, Paul Cézanne
Cartoon: The Virgin and Child with SS. Anne and John the Baptist, Leonardi da Vinci
Cornelis van der Geest, Sir Anthony van Dyck
Courtyard of a House in Delft, Pieter de Hoogh
Danseuses, Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas
Femme assise dans un Jardin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Lady with a Fan, Frans Hals
Le Chapteau de Paille, Peter Paul Rubens
Les Parapluies, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Lower Norwood, Londres, Effet de Neige, Camille Pissarro
Mrs. Siddons, Thomas Gainsborough
Portrait of a Lady in Yellow, Alesso Baldovinetti
Rain, Steam and Speed the Great Western Railway, Joseph Mallord William Turner
Saskia as Flora, Rembrandt van Rijn
Sunflowers, Vincent van Gogh
The Avenue, Middelharnis, Meyndert Hobbema
The Beach at Trouville, Claude-Oscar Monet
The Cornfield, John Constable
The Duke of Wellington, Francisco de Goya
The Shrimp Girl (Sketch), William Hogarth
The Waitress (La Servante de Bocks), Édouard Manet
Une Baignade, Asniéres, Georges Seurat
Venice: A Regatta on the Grand Canal, Giovanni Antonio Canaletto

Masterpiece. Historygamer Rules Variant

I do like to play around with the rules of games that appeal, and this one with it's heavy emphasis on luck (plus or course bluffing skills), can be tweaked a little by allowing a player to move forwards OR backwards around the board.

The effect of this little rule change is that each player will usually have a choice of two actions. Therefore the more skillful player has a chance to outplay those relying on luck and bluffing only.

By playing this rule, the game also speeds up and is less frustrating as each player has more opportunity to check out those high value paintings.

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