Kingmaker Strategy Guide

In part 2 I continue the introduction to Kingmaker, by showing the crown pack and how to use it to strengthen your nobles.

I cover ship stacking (to transfer large forces around), and continue the rules governing the start of the game (along with tactics for this part of the game).

I explain this stage in further detail by starting a trial game. There are some considerations to be made with assigning offices and positions to nobles.

For example if you know a certain noble gets moved around a lot, then it is wise to make him strong (as after a forced move he may end up somewhere where he can be attacked by an opportunistic force.

In part 3 of this introduction to Kingmaker, I continue a look at the initial phase of the game, and look at the rules governing how power is assigned to your nobles.

In an unfortunate example player number two has to give up two offices, player 3 is only given one noble and has to give up most of his cards! I discuss my ideas for the optimal distribution of your cards.

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In part 4 of Kingmaker - a review - I start a trial game! By watching this video you should be able to understand the rules and tactics to play well.

Your first aim in the game is to join up your nobles into a powerful force that can defeat other players and (for points) storm castles, town etc

I talk about garisons and show the rules for that and the combat chart. I explain how battles are fought. Unless your stack of nobles is the strongest or almost the strongest it is wise to stay away from combat. One tactic is to remember which towns have been randomly plagued, and then put your weak nobles in those places (until the chance card pack runs out).

I play the opening move for each of the players showing the best plan (in my opinion) for each. It's all presented with my usual brand of slightly eccentric humor.

In part 5 of Kingmaker - a review - I continue the first round of a trial game. Watch this and understand the rules and tactics to play well.

In this review of Kingmaker I continue the trial game with the second round of moves. Now the forces for each of the players are starting to join up, and the action begins!

This episode features the storming of a castle, stronger nobles, the picking up of a royal piece, control of the roads, and ...... the picking up of the King!

Now the game can move forward with one player at a distinct advantage over the others as he can call parliament to dish out the good offices.

In part 6 of Kingmaker - a review - I continue the second round of a trial game. Watching this will help you understand the rules and tactics to play well.

I face a tricky move for one of the players who is a little weak, and I explain how to presrve your forces. We have a stranded noble on the isle of man (douglas) ships are on their way to rescue him.

Then disaster! Fitzalan dies in attempting to storm a castle. Percy is sent home (that will happen many times). In fact he is sent up north twice in a single turn. (for different offices) This serves as a good example as to why different tactics can be used to keep your troops together.

In the game I didn't do this too well, but if you have several northern offices you can split them amongst your nobles so that they all move to the same location. Clever eh?

Or give them to one noble and that way he has choices of places to hide away in.

In the final part (7 of 7) in this review of how to play Kingmaker I start with a combat victory!

A castle is successfuly stormed! This gives me a chance to show you the markers (to show whos taken what).

I then show parliament being called. These rules require a little study. Certainly if a load of nobles move to parliament, after "the kings peace" those left in the vicinity are able to scrap it out!

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