How to play Junta the Board Game.

Next the president picks up 8 money cards and proposes a budget by saying he'll give a certain amount to the players, leaving an undisclosed amount for himself. Of course the president can assign money unevenly, and this is where the fun starts.

At this point the players have to vote for the budget. The players may vote out your budget. And as long as the minister of the interior doesn't force it through. The budget is rejected.

If they succeed in rejecting the budget, then somewhat strangely - the president keeps the lot!

Of course this might well make that player deeply unpopular.

In junta, players can assassinate each other. (If a player dies they return next turn, perhaps representing a relative, or friend). Players can also go for a coup and try to force the president out.

Before the assassinations, players choose a location where they are staying on that turn. The choices are the bank, home, headquarters, the nightclub or with your mistress. I know, I know a bit strange that last one, particularly as you might be with your mistress at the night club.

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Anyway, once all player have chosen a location, the assassination attempts are declared. Then the players reveal their locations. If any of the assassination location guesses are correct, the player being assassinated dies. He then misses the rest of the turn. They lose their cards and have to give their money to the assinator. You then come back next turn and start from scratch.

So this is a game made for just having a laugh at all the twists and turns.

However if you are not assassinated and you've been to the bank, you can finally put your money in a safe swiss bank account.

And so onto the final (optional) phase of a turn - an attempted coup. The video explains the coup processtion detail but essentially it's a battle for control of 3 out of the five red buildings on the map.

If the coup is successful the president is shot, and replaced by a new elected president. I think it's possible to reelect the same player?! If the coup fails then the president can choose to shoot anyone involved in the coup.

So that's the game! Have you played? What's your experience been? A bit of a laugh hopefully, or is there a way of playing for the win? Please do tell me about your exploits on facebook.