Game of Life Board Game Review plus Playthrough Video

After setting up the board, it's time to have a look at the other pieces, cars, kids. money and the like.

I then go on to study the board somewhat and come to some hasty conclusions.

I continue my tour around the pieces and rules in my usual casual (but hopefully informative) way.

Game of Life Playthrough.

Watch a two player game of this "Game of Life" played through from start to finish, although I had to speed up the end bit due to my tape running out!

Nevertheless, I think you'll enjoy this epic 20+ minute battle between me, a seasoned games player vs er. me (pretending to be someone else).

Rule Revisions.

The classic version of The Game of Life has two notable rule revisions since the 1978 version, which I review here. There are also different sets and rule extensions which are not covered here at the moment.

The 1991 edition is arguably the most skillful of the set. This is due to the blue squares which are optional, therefore giving the player more choice (more chance to make the wrong move), and thus increasing the likelihood of the more astute player taking home the win.

However the game is still essentially a race whichever version you plump for.

The 2005 edition (the 50th anniversary edition), is the most complete in terms of additional rules, although somewhat disappointingly the optional blue squares are removed.

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