Formula One Board Game. Advanced Strategy.

In this series I really get down to business. How to win, how to duck and dive and find a way of zigging when everyone else is zagging. Ultimately how to gain more squares when formula one racing.

In part 1, an introduction to the series, we cover the Start of the race. Get that wrong and you'll be chasing. Never chase - plan ahead or you'll end up with a much higher chance of spinning off. That my friend spells the beginning of the end ...

In part 2, I talk about why you should persuade your friends to play a 5 lap race (or more!) in order to take advantage of the strategies I am covering here.

In part 3, We cover Pit Stops. I look at all the cards and we draw a conclusion about the kind of penalty to expect. However it goes deeper than that and there are other dangers to look out for.

In part 4, We look at how the number of cars in a race alters the dynamics of the game. It allows different winning strategies to be employed.

In part 5, We look at how the tactic cards are best employed.

In part 6, We analyse each corner. This video was originally intended for pay per view. In light of the fact I'm too busy to set that up I've released it free to air. Please like the video to roar your approval of this excellent free info.

In part 7, We look at good moments to spin off. Yes spinning off deliberately can be a valid tactic.

In part 8, We look at Chasing. i.e. trying to play catch up in a game.

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