Playthrough of Escape from Colditz Game.

Another thing I like about this game is that the game play has it's own rhythm. To start with the Germans can just muck about a bit. None of the escapees are ready to even hatch a plan. Then in the middle game the Germans start to space out a bit to cover as many bases as they can. (They can't cover them all which is what makes the game interesting).

Then someone will make an escape bid. If it's a lone bid the tension really mounts as the Germans will often be favourite to pick them off. If however, a more co-ordinated attempt is made, then it gets interesting.

I hope you'll stick around to see our game. I don't want to spoil it but we did get to see the all-time classic escape route (out the front!) in amongst other more subtle attempts.

This classic WW2 game is explained by Kingmaker Legend Peter Bright just before the (offline) Historygamer club plays an epic face to face game of it.

Ok to the game! As mentioned before, early on there is a lot of seemingly akward manouvering, with the Germans looking on in a kind of semi-smug amusement. The prisoners are just took weak.

In part 2 yours truly is hatching up an escape plan. All the inmates are slowly getting there.

In part 3 I get to make an escape bid! Watch what happens whilst the players noise levels increase noticeably. :)

Finally then all the prisoners make an attempt at escape. Who or how many will get out? That German player knows what he is doing so it won't be easy.