Why you should never give up at Diplomacy.

I explain how it is possible to come back from near extinction in Diplomacy by using Diplomacy.
It is (almost) true to say that its never over until its over in this game, although when you are down to 3 units left (after the openign few moves), you are in trouble.

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Firstly at the draw (whos going to play who) you should be thinking about which opponents might be friendly, which will be a problem and and which you think you can influence or attack.

I then go through the opening few moves of the game, drawing on my memory and the hastily scribbled notes submitted by the players. (If you had seen them, you'd know I'm pulling off a minor miracle here to even show this game vaugely accurately).

As Turkey I was close to getting a Christmas stuffing! (This was played during the Christmas holidays by the way). I was pretty friendless during the opening and on the verge of collapse.

After the builds of 1901, I found myself facing a strengthened Austria (who now had a friendly Italy to work with). Italy in turn was friends with France. England and Germany were converging on Russia who were rapidly losing interest in the game.

France and Italy now set about organising a "French lepanto" to land a French unit in Syria.

However by a combination of talking and luck I held on with a sneeky backstab whilst simultanteously helping the same player!

By 1903, Germany was looking pretty awesome with eight units! The French lepanto was theoretically possible and Austria has fuly committed his troops, so as Turkey I was very clsoe to collapse. I managed to cobble some kind of delaying defence together, but it was fairly inadedquate.

Then - the Miracle! A lone stab by France into the "back door" of England. This meant that France would get involved in a bitter war with England.

I now kept on at Germany about taking the unoccupied Austrian home centers, and fortunetly she listend to me and sent two armies over that way. So Diplomacy weakend my opponent.

As soon as Austria started to collapse I fostered good relations with Italy, who was now gradually rising in power. In a while this allowed Italy and I to touch boarders and come to a peacy treaty ( a kind of maintain the status quo arrangement, with no go zones etc). I had to agree not to build any more fleets.

I greatfuly accepted. Hey a freind (well a half friend) at a price, but at least I had tiem to reorganise.

To slow down Germany I noticed that this player was showing signs of nerves so I said very sternly - if you go into the Ukraine its war! Similarly I agreed not to go to Ukraine either. This managed to stabalise this border for many game years.

The English - German Alliance was now on the verge of toppling France. However France had some help from Italy, but they were too far away to really make a difference. So I came up with a plan to keep that war going and occupy Italy at the same time.

I convinced both to allow Italy through Mars to burg. Now Italy had a couple of units tied up in the war.

At this stage of the game, I'm playing very quietly and loyaly to gain an "over confidence" in my play to allow me to set up a stab later.

Then at the right time (when I couldn't make any more progress and my troops were well coordinated), I moved into the Ukraine, declared war on Germany and formed a firm alliance with France and Italy.

We three were constantly trying to use diplomacy to get Germany and England to break up, but it wasn't happening.

At the death when I noticed Italy was ready for the stab on France I went for my own Stab on Italy, and in one dramatic fininshing turn I went to 15 units and kept Italy to around 7-8 units.

So it is possible to win from virtual defeat! NEVER GIVE UP!

How about you? Any great escapes? I'd love to hear about how you used your skill to come back from the dead so to speak.

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