How to Play Turkey.

The Balkan concentration or Russian defence is where you open to Bul, con and the Black Sea. You expect to be stood off in the Black Sea.

What you achieve by moving Smyna to constaninople is that you are going to be able to support Bulgaria. It is possible that both Austria and Russia will look to attack your army in bulgaria in the fall of 1901.

If Russia lets you into the Black sea straight away (usually becuase they have opened to Rumania) then you are potentially off to a great start.

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The tell tale sign is what Russia does with his moscow army. If it goes to the Ukraine is more often than not anti-austrian, if it goes to sevastopol it may well be anti-turkish. Obviously a move up the north coupled with a move to rumania is great you you as Turkey.

Russia moving to sev from mos may be looking to go to Arm with a Fleet build in Sev. This will make life really tough for you as Turkey.

However What England and Germany do will affect any Russian agression down south. Russia will probably have to put one build in the north to slow down England.

I continue my look around the diplomacy board from Turkeys point of view. How does France affect Turkeys prospects, well you need to be on the lookout
for a lepanto opening (Italy and Austria or just Italy coming your way), well france can slow Italy down a lot by sending fleets into the med.

In a face to face game I would keep half an eye out on what Italy and Austria are up to, do they spend a lot of time together for example?

I cover the anti-lepanto opening where you try to get your Ankara Fleet out into the Aegean Sea by the fall of 1901. However it may not be possible, becuase Russia
will probably move into the Black Sea on move 1, leaving you possibly defending your borders (although Russia will probably be concerned with Rumania).

One defence against this possibility is to self bounce between your fleet (now in con) and your army to ensure the provence is left free.

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I continue the series on playing Turkey in Diplomacy by moving away from mere tactics at the opening to discuss overall strategies for actually winning with Turkey. Its a slow nation to play, so how can you maximise your potential?

In this part of the series on playing turkey, I now turn my attention onto Russia. If you feel you can perusade him to stay out of the Black sea on the first move.

If you can then he is sounding a bit gullable to me - ahy not change your plan and attack!

Failing that you could go completetly the other way and try to sweet talk him into disbanding his fleet - to keep the peace.

(Just try that on me and see how far you get - lol)

It can be done however by Russia going to Armenia, being pushed out and refusing to retreat.

The other extreme is sending the Russian fleet out to the Aegean sea. Again though this requires a lot of trust - now on your part.

Perhaps the best way to compromise is a stand off in the black sea and to get England and or Germany to slow Russia down.

So what about attacking Russia. Initially can you get Austria on your side? At the same time getting Italy to attack Austria will allow you time to commit all your units towards Russia.

In this opening you send con - bul, ank to black sea and smy to armenia.

Almost cetainly though you wont get into the Black sea. Even in this scenario you can slow Russia down (esp over Rumania).

If Italy and Austria get along (but not coordinating), you might be facing a stronger Austria. In this case to keep the (probable) Austrian fleet in Greece bottled up - you'll need to build fleet Smy.

Continuing a look at the Italian / Austrian variations. Austria may have gambeld on getting two units, but Italy may have back stabbed Austria.

Obviously in this case you are being given a great start and the possibility of a Russian attack.

When playing Turkey, if you can get to 1904 without foreign units on you soil then you have great prospects for seeing out the whole of the game.

When successfuly attacking Russia, you have to bear in mind that you'll be lucky to get past moscow in the north and the Tunis / Try sea in the south, without futher diplomacy.

So how do you break through these stalemate lines? There are three ways.

1) Enlist Janissarys. These are nations reduced to 2 - 3 units, and / or have been pushed around out of their own countries. You let them live for them taking up the strain on the front line.

The other two ideas are covered in the next video.

Contuing my look at how to get a win with Turkey.

A second way of making the win is to plan early to build lots of fleets down south to puncture past Italy before any defence can be organised.

Thirdly getting a "one off" favour from a weaker nation to break through a stalemate line (he might not realise the importance of the favour).

In summary Turkey is a slow country to try to win with. Played face to face (with a prob end date of 1907), you may struggle to take the lead.

So there you have it. I hope you've enjoyed this series of videos on playing Turkey. Let me know your thoughts please if you have a minute. Have you won with this country? What is your secret? Do you find playing Turkey boring? Lets discuss on facebook.

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