How to Play Russia.

Also the Juggernaut is covered, an Austrian Alliance, Working with Italy, the rare French alliance, how to attack Russia and defend from Germany.

A discussion of the northern border in general, plus nightmare scenarios, A Turkish attack from move 1, A German attack from move 1 and Austria Hungary.

In part 2 I cover what to play if you don't trust or know anyone, or get a chance to talk with anyone. You want to get at least on build with Russia after 1901 to havea chance of surviving.

The other main Russian move is to send two units north and two units south. You need to establish one friend out of the Italian, Austrian amd Turkish Triangle.

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In this video on how to play Russia I talk about Russian-Turkish Juggernaut.

Key to the Juggernaut is what happends in the black sea. As a Russian player a turkish fleet in the black sea will always worry you that a back stab is possible. Also you don't really want a strong Turkey, or at least it needs to be doing well but have a unit count less than yours.

I also go into siding with the right partner in the Balkans.

This is part two of my coverage of the Russian-Turkish Juggernaut.

What to do with the Southern Russian fleet. This video looks at the possibility of disbanding the fleet (maybe worth it if you think a long term relationship is possible).

The video covers possible combinations for doing this. I don't see a sensible plan for gettign rid of it in move one.However I show some possibilities for 1902. One idea is putting it in Rumania (its pretty useless there anyway, much better to have an army there).

However why not just keep the Black sea neutral? Also I cover the Russian fleet moving out of the way via constantinople.

This is part 3 of my coverage of the Russian-Turkish Juggernaut.

You need to split up Italy and Austira for the Juggernaut to get rolling, or at the very least get them mistrusting each other. If you can get Austria to hold in Trieste. I round up with the ideal situation for the Russian - Turkish alliance. The immediate back stab by Italy on Austria.

This video looks at the Russian situation in the north.

The most common set up is having just the one unit in the North. So it follows that you are just trying to hold out up there to start with.

Can you get one of England, France or Germany to attack each other from the outset? I cover the Russian / German tension. Can you persuade Germany to give you Sweeden in 1901? You are probably going to be bounced out of Sweeden, I also talk about probable moves for England.

We continue looking at Russian Diplomacy openings by observing problems Russia has to solve in the north.

One of the issues facing a Russian player is how do you persuade Germany to give you Sweeden on move 1?

You give up Sweeden and threaten moving your lone fleet into the Baltic Sea. Germany gets Sweeden but then doesn't get Denmark.

What about the Baltic Opening for Germany? This is a complete nightmare for Russia. Germany opens (he hopes with a rock solid French and English alliance),
towards Russia.

Germany will end up with a fleet in the Gulf of Bothnia right on Russia's doorstep! Combined with an English army in Norway your northern border will look weak.

The (only?) defence is talk to france, or if you are lucky Italy (if they have gone for Austria early on).

More thoughts on the Russian situation in the north. What about attacking Germany from the outset?

The starting point for this is the move from warsaw into silesia. If its a lone move without some
support from another country then it looks doomed.

However can you get France to move to burgandy on move 1? If so then you can offer the French army a home in munich. If they get in then Germany won't make a gain, which may well mark the end of their game.

If it works, then you main mid game problem (Germany) is out of the way.

I now look at northern strategies where two units open in the North. By moving 2 units north then you are trying to stop England getting a foothold in the North.

Part of this strategy is to get Germany on your side fighting England. You want weakness in the north, is England a weak player? That might sway the decision to put two untis up there.

The follow up move is another unit in the north at the start of 1902, but this would depend upon a great realtionship with your southern nieghbours.
Of course England and France could fight each other from the outset, which would give another reason for 2 units up north.

What you dont want is to think you've got a Juggernaut but in fact Turkey attacks you from the start.

How to play Russia in Diplomacy - The Austrian alliance.

If you are going to combine with Austria then your natural enemy is Turkey, so you really don't want to get into a war with Turkey early on, or he may go for a bltiz attack on Sevastopol from move 1. Better to disguise the alliance and also try to keep on side with Italy.

For this Alliance to work you need a few things in place, namely you want slowness and no clarity up north, can you get two of Germany, France and Englad to fight?

One way of keeping this alliance secret is to arrange for the Gallician bounce. You are aiming for a two front war against Turkey and an early elimination for them.

The final part of this series on how to play Russia in Diplomacy looks at the mid game issue of how to contain Germany.

In the video I cover the warning signs that perhaps Germany is looking to keep Russia weak.

Signs can appear as early as fall 1901 - will germany let Russia into Sweeden. However it will come down to who makes the first move towards the other.

Usually Russia can't spare the units anyway until later in the game, so often Germany is safe. If it comes the other way though Russia might be facing an instant 3 piece attack on any spring move after Germany has built 2 units in their home centers.

So what have I left out? What do you think of this review of Russia now that you've seen it through? Please do leave your thoughts and comments.

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