How to beat the Hasbro AIs at Diplomacy (full game)

England. Full Game.

As I can make some assumptions (playing against AIs) I go for the fully commital opening with England, which is to convoy the army to norway and move a fleet to the Barents sea as soon as possible.

I also bounce out Germany in Belgium in 1901 without fear of reprisal. Then I grab the English channel as soon as possible (firstly to grab Belgium and secondly to back stab France and get into Brest).

My first real target however is Germany (I will pick out St. Petersburg for a quick gain), and then France. Pretty typical stuff and after taking France I got for the Iberian penninsular of Portugal and Spain. The end position is one typical for an English win - that is from Portugal, through France and Germany, picking up the Scandinavian countries and St. Petersburg in the north.

France. Full Game.

As I can make some assumptions (playing against AIs), I won't worry about upsetting England or Germany, in fact I just plough into Italy, Germany and England simulatenously!

If these three countries can be successfully conquered then there isn't that much more to be won as France to win the entire game (with 18+ supply centers).

I hope you enjoy the little bits of humor dotted throughout the presentation, and presented alongside the strategic ideas.

Germany. Full Game.

I open with a standard Blitzkrieg opening, and follow up with bouncing Russia out of Sweden. Thats the nice thing about playing AIs, they don't take these little things so personally.

However, by playing with no diplomacy (as in this series) its effectively you against the world and the word against you! So you need to assume that you'll have multiple nations on your borders (fortunately not combining!)

As Germany I waste no time in attacking England and then France. This is typical German play although in a face to face or internet game, you would only attack one at a time or face encouraging them into an alliance against you!

Italy. Full Game.

Italy is the best nation to play against the Microprose / Hasbro AIs, because the start is the most difficult. You should attack Austria immediately to

get the two unit start, otherwise when the inevitable French 3 fleet attack occurs you won't have enough units to hold them up.

My strategy for this game is to hold up France whilst I have fun in Austria and where ever else I see potential gains. Remembering that against AIs you don't have to worry about nations combining or upsetting them. It will be you against the rest of Europe.

Turkey. Full Game.

This is one of the harder nations to win with against the miroprose / Hasbro AIs. The reason is that Russia and Austria and Italy naturally look Turkeys way, and even though they don't combine at all they represent quite a block to progress with Turkey.

So my plan in this game is to lure Austria out of their safe haven (near home) and pick up a weakend Greece, and the rest of the Balkans. The main thrust of my armies will go up Russia (seeing as the Ais like to play Russia might as well knock them out).

Hilariously I let the Austrians go a bit too far, but it does lead to an interesting game, and the plan to attack into Russia works out quite well.

You could say that in the end it was Turkish delight! (A little sweet related pun for you there).

Russia. Full Game.

A Full game of Diplomacy played against the artificial Intelligence (AI) from the 1999 Diplomacy game by Microprose (distributed by Hasbro). As Russia.

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Also I played some variants (just for fun. Come to think of it it was all done just for fun).

3 players

Three player diplomacy has some unique intricacies. As with Risk the dynamic of the game is often as follows:-
1. 1 player becomes weak.
2. the strongest player goes to attack him
3. the 2nd strongest sees his chance and attacks the strongest
4. The strongest is weakened and the bottom player gets a repreave.

Sometimes if its tight the three players keep swapping the lead. In this way these 3 player games can self sustain for some time.


I present the 1898 variant of Diplomacy. A complete game is shown against the Microprose / Hasbro AIs.

In this variant of Diplomacy you only start with one unit. Basically it goes 1898, 1899, 1900 where by 1901 you will often be back to the usualy 1901 start point, with some players slightly better off and others weaker.

Its a more skillful game in my opinion, with the diplomacy element before 1901 also very interesting.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the series - was it even (gasp) Useful? Your thoughts on my facebook page please.

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