Diplomacy. How to Play Germany.

The Key to winning with Germany is getting France to fight with England. This video covers why, going deeper into the game well past the opening.

Of course both England and France are on your borders.

Also I cover an agressive move from Russia on move 1. Therefore you need to keep Russia at bay. A non-agression pact is probably the best course, but various moves and ideas are covered.

I now go into Italys role in a German win. Ideally if the central powers (Germany, Austria and Italy) can all stick together then all will prosper, or at least have less fronts to worry about.

Also if Italy worries france early on then that could prevent France gaining as many units on the fall of 1901, which of course makes your western front much easier to play.

I go back to cover who its best to fight with between England or France. The case for attacking France is covered first. I cover how to befriend England and yet use Russia to slow up Englands progress.

In this episode I cover how England can back stab Germany. In Diplomacy when you backstab, you must finish the job, or that player may come back to haunt you later in the game.

The video covers attacking England over France first. Aparently its easy to attack England, but I suspect this is only true if Germany and France are ganging up on England.

I cover the key element for Germany to attack England - the second German fleet.

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Having covered the theory I now go into the practice, which is far more situational and based on personalities than mere theory can reveal.

I cover devation from the Standard moves. The most interesting unit to deviate from the norm is Army Munich. Firstly what to do with a suspected initial attack from Austria or Italy.

I also talk about the possibility of a Russian attack and how to use Turkey as your buffer.

In the final part of the series I cover what to do if you cannot split England and France from an alliance.

I cover how to use Italy to slow down France, Russia to slow down England.

I then tidy up the series with some telling random thoughts I've played or read. Including ideas against England and France.

Finally do remember with Germany to have to be agressive, its all or bust and your first year is crucial. You try to get three, two is also ok.

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