Diplomacy. How to Play England.

Most diplomacy players will want to play some kind of northern opening. This is defined by the Fleets moving to Norwegian and North Seas respectively. The Army moves to either Edinburgh or Yorkshire.

However before making the descision as to where the army should go, start talking to Russia and Turkey. Try to get a feel for whether they are friends or not. You are trying to work out if Russia will go 2 units up north or not.

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With 2 Russian units in the north you'll need to support yourself into norway to make sure of it in 1901.

Belgium is an important place for negotiations (eng, France, and Germany all have some claim to it).

If your amry goes to edinburgh you are committing the unit to be convoyed to norway, with yorkshire it can defend the homeland or go to norway or belgium.

Total commitment to the north involves moving your F norwegian sea to the barents sea in the fall of 1901.

With France you'd love it if hes going to attack Italy (and or Germany), as his fleets will be far from back stabbing you.

If you decide to back stab france then getting a fleet into the MAO is great (you now threaten the almost certainly weak Iberian countries).

Continuing my look at a northern campaign for England in Diplomacy, I conclude that you'll always need to keep half an eye open for a french backstab.

Ideally you want Germany to deny Russia Sweeden, however you are probably going to face two Russian units in the north from 1902.

When attackng Russia you'll want your A Nor to find its way into St. Petersburg. This allows a (theoretical) march down Russia.

However if Russia is collapsing then you'll almost come up against Turkish armies, and Its not easy to push past St. Petersburg.

This is because there isn't much room to manouvre up there, and frequently you'll find yourself in a cul-de-sac 2 v 2 situation.

Given that this strategy may lead to a back stab, how can you recognise when its about to happen?

Continuing my look at England in Diplomacy I give advice on how to spot who will attack you.

Firstly who is playing the nations France, Germany, Russia and to some extent Italy? How many of these are experienced players, how many newbies, any long term rivals, whos talking to who (in a face to face game).

France can be very subtle over plannign an attack on England. A Fleet that hangs around the MAO at the end of 1901, I would be suspicious.

A second fleet in brest in 1902, now means a back door attack is very possible (convoying and army via NAO)

How about threats to the English Isles? I'll show you how to spot and neutralise them.

I consider threats to England from Germany. Now Germany has the two ports in the north. It only takes an additional fleet in 1902 and suddenly Germany can threaten the north sea with a supported move.

They can capture Heli in spring 1902 and not only prevent an English attack, but they are threaten the North Sea on the next move.

If germany opens F kiel to Holl, then they have given Russia Sweeden, which is kind of anti-English as Russia will now be able to get two units up north on 1902.

Addionaly Germany will have two units on Bel in fall 1901, (assuming A Mun to Rhur), so England is confined to one gain in 1901.

If Russia moves A mos to St. P then England is not assured on even a single gain in 1901. This is becuase Germany can move den to north sea in conjunction with a Russia supported attack on England to cut your support into Norway.

If Austria and Italy work together, you may have a talking point with one of their units in Tyr (threatening Mun).

Finally If you can perusade Italy to go Frances way, your chances of being backstabbed (successfully) are reduced as France will be tied up down south.

Back to the decision over whether to move your amry to Edinburgh or Yorkshire. In earlier videos I talked about the reason to go to Edinburgh, now lets talk about the benefits of Yorkshire.

Moving to Yorkshire, is less threatening to Russia, as you many not move the army to Norway. You are allowing some kind of army led defence of England.

This is better as you can defend and support a fleet into Norway.

If France and Germany are both working against you then you are in trouble. If they go for a sealion, you are in real trouble and will need assistance from Russia or death will follow.

The reason you are almost lost is that at best you'll have 3 fleets to France and Germanys 4 fleets.

The best you can hope for is just to retreat home and try to hold them up until something happends elsewhere on the board to distract them.

If you strongly suspect a French German alliance against you from the outset, you need to stop the sealion in its tracks.

Moving to the English channel will slow them down, but it will be a lot harder to make gains having a fleet pre-occupied with the defence of the english channel.

Then in 1902, you'll be using your (hopeful) gain in norway in defending the british isles in 1902 from 2 french fleets.

Diplomacy here is everything, can you even persude a (wise) French player to call it off and become "frends" again for a season (until you are both established).

It might be possible, esp. if Italy are pressurising them down below.

How about your own immediate backstab of France (after having convinced them to go south). you can play A to wales, F to Eng ready to convoy it over to french soil.

This is a risky plan. Any standoff in the English channel and 2 of your units have effectively stayed still. (A wales is useless).

Your gain in Norway means vacating the North sea, very dangerous!

If it goes well you may get Belgium, but usually you will settle for Picardy. An Army on the mainland is a very useful asset, and you'll use it to take Brest or Belgium in 1902.

However you may just force France and Germany into an alliance against you!

This whole idea doesn't seem like a percentage play to me. Too much can go wrong.

In face to face play (where the game may well not conclude properly) working with France has served me well.

So how do you go about attacking Germany before France in Diplomacy as England?

You'll want a succesful campaign in the north to fuel enough units to overpower Germany, or get Russia to contain Germany.

Essentialy you will need a fleet in skag or heli to force your way into the supply centres.

I end the series with a look at the three way alliance - England, France, Germany. In this scenario you are looking for an opportunity to back stab Germany.

Thats it for England. Do leave a comment below. Surely you have something to say on playing this country? Have you done well with England, or in your circle of friends / experience is England a bit of a target?

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