How to Play Austria-Hungary in Diplomacy.

This Introduction to the five basic opening plans, continues with an introduction to the Lepanto openings where Austria Hungary combines with Italy. I also touch on the more risky variations of this opening (for Austria) where they allow an Italian unit through Austria into Serbia.

There are also variations where the Triest Fleet stays where it is (called a houseboat opening).

Also there is the Bulgarian Gambit which is naturally anti-turkish, which attempts to get the Turkish unit out of Bulgaria in 1901 leaveing them with no builds.

The Introduction concludes with the overall aims of an Austrian Hungary opening, namely to survive. You can either settle for just achieving the one build with every other nation off of your borders, or risk making some kind of alliance or non agression pact with Italy and go for the two builds (usually in the Balkans)

I also talk about how to threaten Italy with a "Blue water" type opening (the trieste fleet goes to the adriatic, looks like its thretening italy (you might just carry out your threat if Italy looks to be in trouble), but at the last minute switches to go into the Ionian Sea and assist Italy in a combined Lepanto attack.

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The Austrian side of the Lepanto is covered with a number of subtle variations. Austria can for example get into Greece and still assist in an Italian attack on Turkey.

The Austrian Fleet can arrive in Greece by the fall of 1901 by playing the Balkan Gambit. How to cover Trieste is discussed.

Also a look at what can go wrong with minor variations on the Balkan gambit theme. Namely An Italian and Russian unit inside your borders!

Please see part 2 of my Austria-Hungary guide. (links in side bar)

Now we go much deeper into the basic opening themes, with five more videos to enjoy.

For the more cautious I discuss hedgehog type openings where the fleet venice goes into venice (pre announced) and likewise the Army in vienna moves to Galicia to keep Russia out.

I cover different ways the Italian armies can backstab you and how this opening system blunts the attack.

The effect of playing the hedgehog on Russia is discussed. Also Turkey can be slowed down by the gamble move serbia to Greece in the fall of 1901. (with the idea of bouncing with the turkish unit in bulgaria). This prevents Turkey building 2 units.

THe houseboat openings for Austria Hungary consist of any opening where the Fleet in Trieste stays put. Usually this is a safe way of playing without upsetting the Italian player.

I also talk about Roadhog openings where the army in budapest goes to Rumania. This can be seen as Anit-Russia, so I talk a little bit about anit-Russian openings per se.

The lepanto opening for Austria Hungary involves working with the Italian player to get the Italian "spare" army into Turkish soil. It will need to be convoyed by two fleets.

Austria Hungary can assist in the convoying directly with a fleet or indirectly by attacking Turkey from Greece (a little bit later in the game).

The flashy little opening where the Austrian fleet is retreated into the Eastern Mediteranian sea.

I also talk about the key Lepanto, where you as the Austrian let the Italian army through your land into serbia. If you are not backstabbed along the way many units are brought to bear on the Turkish borders by the end of 1901.

If these moves work Turkey is in big trouble.

How to make an alliance with Russia as Austria Hungary. By doing this you are effectively making enemies of Turkey, but then again these two nations are often at war anyway in this game.

Ideally you want Russia and Turkey to be contesting the black sea, any sign of cooperation between the two nations may mean you are being set up.

You want Russia to win the battle, and to build fleets. By arranging a bounce out of Galicia, and an early take of Rumania (by Russias fleet), and some kind of attack on Russia in the North (usually by England) - ou have a chance to have the most armies out of you and Russia.

This may lead to an opportunity to attack Russia later on.

More thoughts on Austrian Russian pacts. Try to get Italy to go west. This will slow down Italy anyway.

Try to avoid a "juggernaut" the deadly combination of Russian armies sweeping across the board and Turkish fleets occupying the Mediteranian.

What to say to Italy, Turkey and Russia to ensure your survival is covered. Then what to do if this plan goes wrong is discussed.

So that's it! What do you think? Have I missed anything? What system do you prefer? Are you a back stabber? Please leave comments on my facebook page.

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