Carcassonne Strategy Guide

In part2 I quickly complete the explanation of the rules. THEN comes the good bit - the inside scoop - my guide will appeal to those who like to get deeper into a game. I do this via stats.

Knowing how many tiles, frequency of appearance, number of opportunities to score/play a move will all give you that edge over your opponents.

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In part3 I get to the core winning tactics (apart from people management / diplomacy etc), which is how to place farmers and manage the board to maximise the return from these "meeples", and how to trap the other players "meeples".

Essentially you want to get to the position where your opponent(s) have run out of meeples and you have (at least) one spare. Now opportunities can't be scored by your opponenets and you can attempt to complete small projects (instantly returning your meeple) so that you are scoring all the time whilst the others can't.

I also talk about playing with cloisters.

In part 4 I play through a trial game explaining the thoughts of each player.

In part 5 I continue to play through the trial game until my video tape runs out!