Buccaneer Board Game Review

In this video I cover the rest of the rules and start explaining some strategies.

Often (I've said about half the time on the video) you can pick up treasure from treasure Island.

I then cover how combat works in the game. Its a very simple system, but works well, especially as you fighting strength will wander up and down as the game progresses.

Please watch the video for the strategy and tactics of the game. However what I will say here is that you are going to have to use the whole board and wait for opportunities to fight weaker opponents, and steal treasure from under their noses.

In part 3 of this series I cover more strategy on the game.

I talk about the board. Not all starting points are created equal. Indeed they all have their own benefits. I cover the strengths and weaknesses of each port.

The thing about this game is that although its easy to learn, and relatively easy to master the overall strategies, each game is different.

Each game is highly situational and you'll find that the move before you will frequently alter your own plans.

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