Backgammon Opening Rolls

The 2-1 has a number of options to consider according to the style of game you wish to set up.

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I turn my attention to the strongest Roll of all, the 3-1. There really is only one option - make your five point. Other moves are the equivalent of throwing this great roll away.

The 4-1 allows for some creativity. Indeed some of the moves have nothing to choose between them (from a computer analysis point of view).

I cover several ideas which will vary the game according to your taste.

The 5-1 is an opening roll that I loathe. The best move stifles the dynamic game that you want to create winning chances (via superior play).

Giving a little equity way there is an alternative move. Plus some other inferior moves if you don't mind going behind in the race (potentially).

The 6-1 is a great opening roll. The best move makes your bar point, creating a 3 point prime.

There are other options, but you are giving away substantial equity by doing so.

The 3-2 offers a wide range of choices and set ups for your game. The best move splits your back checkers and provides a builder.

There are variations on this theme, plus the ultra safe 13-8 (combine the dice).

With the 4-2 there really is only one strong move, make your 4 point. However if you are willing to give up some equity in the game to make it more interesting there are other options. Quite a few actually.

With the 5-2 there are two equally strong ideas to play, the safe way (split the back checkers and add to your 8 point) or you could run a builder down to the 11 point.

There are some other other (weaker) options which I also show in the video.

The 6-2 represents a dynamic opening where you are fighting to take his bar point, and with a builder make a point in your home board.

You could consider paying a kind of weak lovers leap move. Not my idea of fun at all. :) One bizarre idea is to mega slot your five point, but it's not the percentage play.

The 4-3 offers some possibilities for creative play in the opening.

The top 3 moves are all about the same in strength. You can split your back checkers and make a builder OR create two builders for the most aggressive play.

However there is another credible alternative that doesn't give much more equity away.

The 5-3 has one obvious move and some other possibilities for creative play in the opening.

The obvious move is to make your 3 point. This might not suit all playing style however as your home points are a "bit drafty", so I offer some alternatives.

The 6-3 tries to make his bar point and bring a builder down.You are hoping you are not hit, OR you can go for a poor "lovers leap" and send one checker off on his own.

After that you start to give up equity in the game, but it is playable.

The 5-4 gives you a number of options if you are prepared to give away a little equity. The split play is the best (and safest) option. Also 13-9, 13-8 two builders is a great idea.

There is also the poor mans lovers leap. 24-15.

The 6-4 gives you two main options: 1) Attempt to make the 18 point (his bar point) by slotting and create a builder OR 2) Make your 2 point.

I really don't like option 2) and I explain why in the video. There is another main option - the "almost" lovers leap.

After that you start to give up too much equity in the game.

The 6-5 gives you two main options: 1) The "Lovers leap" where you run a back checker to safety on the 13 point OR 2) Split to his bar point (hoping to make the 18 point) and move 13-8 to stay safe.

Both are strong opening moves.

Finally there is an inferior move, for those who like to live dangerously. Shown in the video.

After that you start to give up too much equity in the game.

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