Historygamer. About Page continued.

What about Multi-player Board Games? I was wondering when you would ask that. Yes multiplayer board games are the ultimate challenge because now you only directly control a small proportion of the game. The rest is down to human interaction - diplomacy if you like. This site and my books are dedicated to the delicate art of diplomacy, or to put it more bluntly manipulating others for your own gain.

Woah - you sound pretty competitive! I am, but as I said I'm at the stage of life where I'd rather create new games and pass on that playing to win information to you. I get a kick out of seeing others enjoy (play) my ideas, and also having to adapt on the fly when my plan gets messed up by other peoples creative minds (all trying to find an edge of course). To this end I run and will continue to run made-up games (ahem I mean Games Variants) on YouTube.

Don't you play anymore? I do! I'm always up for a game of Formula One, we are currently playing Pandemic and if I get involved in Diplomacy games I prefer open negotiaions. However, at this point in my life I'm enjoying one on one games like Chess, and to some extent No Limit Holdem' Poker. I know Poker is multiplayer, but played correctly post flop you'll usually be up against one or two players max. I expect to return to online multiplayer games just to play at some point as well.

So what does the future Hold?
Well I do enjoy making YouTube videos, and this site is more of less of a shell explaining what's on the videos, PLUS it's the author site for my games books. Depending on when you read this About Page I'll either be "in development", or have released one of many books. I hope you'll check in again from time to time to see the extra games, videos, strategy guides and books.

You can reach me on my Facebook page Historygamer